I am pleased to announce clckwrks 0.13.0. The source for clckwrks has been moved to:


clckwrks (pronounced, clockworks) is a Haskell-based CMS and blogging platform intended to (eventually) compete directly with popular PHP based solutions.

clckwrks 0.13 is built on an entirely new plugins platform currently named web-plugins. (Please submit your ideas for a better name).

The immediate implication is that the standard Main.hs for a clckwrks project is much, much smaller and easier to understand. The standard Main.hs can be found here:


The Get Started page has been updated to reflect the changes.

This also sets the stage for one-click installs of plugins and themes with zero-coding. The web-plugins library has proof-of-concept code for dynamically loading plugins and themes. However, it currently requires that the user manually compile the plugins and explicitly pass the path to the .o to the application. The next step will be to use Cabal and cabal-install to automatically fetch, build, and load the plugins/theme.

clckwrks is still very early in development and is missing a lot of features, polish, and documentation. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated!

jeremy shaw