We have 3 major releases planned, each targeting a larger audience. We will be making a number of intermediate releases between the major releases.

Here is a big picture look at what will be in each release:

clckwrks alpha 1 (already released)

The first alpha release is intended to appeal to early adopters and people who want to get involved in the core development. clckwrks is already being used to power sites such as and Core features include:

  1. Ability to create and edit pages via the browser
  2. Ability to create blog posts
  3. Atom Feed for the blog
  4. Page processing via markdown and HsColour
  5. plugins can add callbacks into the markdown processing.
  6. interactive menu editor

Available plugins include:

  1. clckwrks-plugin-media - an image gallery
  2. clckwrks-plugin-ircbot - an irc bot with channel logging
  3. clckwrks-plugin-bugs - a bug tracker

Available themes include:

  1. clckwrks-theme-basic - a simple theme with a menu on the left
  2. clckwrks-theme-clckwrks - the theme for
  3. clckwrks-theme-happstack - the theme for

clckwrks 1.0 - Developer Friendly

The goal of clckwrks 1.0 is to create a developer friendly CMS and blogging platform. Haskell developers should find it easy to create new plugins to extend clckwrks, or to use clckwrks for building custom CMS-based websites including blogs, online magazines, web stores, wikis and more.

Some major aspects of this release include:

  1. 100% Haddock documentation coverage
  2. 100% test-suite coverage
  3. simplified plugin initialization

Plus a bunch of little tasks, like page slugs, better theme for the admin panel, etc.

clckwrks 2.0 - Theme Developer Friendly

The goal of clckwrks 2.0 is to make it friendly to theme developers. It is expected that theme developers will know HTML/CSS, and have very basic coding abilities. The template system should make most tasks appear like simple macro substitution. For example, in the current version you can add the page title to a template like this:

<title><% getPageTitle %></title>

Key features include:

  1. automatic recompilation and reloading via hs-plugins
  2. in-browser Haskell editor with syntax highlighting, error reporting, etc
  3. simplify the error messages generated by HSP
  4. a well documented API with plenty of examples

clckwrks 3.0 - User Friendly

The goal of clckwrks 3.0 is to bring clckwrks to the mass market. This audience is expected to know nothing about HTML, CSS, or programming. They will expect to operate everything via a simple click-and-point interface. This means:

  1. one-click install of themes and plugins
  2. one-click updates