Eight Easy Ways to Help Support Clckwrks!

clckwrks is an open-source project, and we value your contributions. Feel free to browse the source code.

Additionally, here are 8 ways you can help!

  1. Subscribe! Subscribe to the mailing list, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, subscribe to our youtube channel, etc. Obviously, we want to be able to reach you and tell you about the exciting things we are doing. But, also, numbers matter. Being able to show that we have a lot of followers opens new doors to us. We aren't going to spam you or sell your info or anything evil like that. We're too busy writing code to waste time on that sort of stupidity.

    You can also chat with us on IRC in #happs on irc.freenode.net.

  2. Talk about clckwrks. You don't have to say a lot. A tweet such-as 'moving my blog to clckwrks' is enough. Making blog posts about what you are doing with clckwrks is even better! Publishing tutorials and demos is fabulous. Even if they only cover one small topic. The only way you could go wrong is if you spam people or bash other people's work. That's just lame. If you don't want to publish something for the whole world, we would still love to hear about your projects on the mailing list.

  3. Submit a bug report. The clckwrks team takes bug reports seriously. They are a valuable source of information for us. If we don't know what problems you are having, then we can't make things better. Feel free to tell us what you hate about clckwrks. Negative reviews are far more useful to us than no feedback at all.

  4. Create a new theme. A great theme goes a long way. Having some great themes will really help attract users to clckwrks. Additionally, theme design requires very limited amounts of Haskell and clckwrks knowledge. So, if you are good at design, but new to Haskell, it can be a great way to get started.

  5. Fix a Bug. clckwrks is open source and depends on contributors like you. The bug tracker contains many bugs waiting for someone to come fix them. Bugs blocking the next milestone are the most important. But getting any bug fixed is great. If you want to tackle a bug, just let us know! We will be glad to provide you assistance and make sure your contribution is not lost!

  6. Create a new plugin. The plugin architecture is still undergoing rapid changes. But, if you don't mind living on the bleeding edge, then writing a new plugin could be just the thing for you. Developing new and different plugins will help us shape the plugin API and make sure it provides the right level of safety, flexibility, and ease of use. Almost any feature you can imagine on a website can be made into a plugin. If you need ideas, just ask us!

  7. Join the Core Development Team. We are still working through many core architecture design problems and questions. We are a very open group and welcome anyone who wants to help us. There are lots of fun and interesting problems to solve still, and we'd love for you to have fun with us!

  8. Send us money. We plan to offer books, t-shirts, and other useful things for sale someday. But in the meantime, we are grateful to accept your donations. Funds will be used to offset costs such as paying someone to make a better theme for clckwrks.com, hardware, etc. If you would rather contribute funds to a specific goal, we will be doing some kickstarter fund raising for specific projects in the future.