It is with some sadness that I announce that clckwrks is now on github.

I've been a user of darcs for more than 6 years and have been a very happy customer. Unfortunately, the joy of using darcs does not make up for the loss of contributions resulting from not being on github. So, it is not for technical reasons, but social reasons that clckwrks is now on github.

On the upside, many people said they would contribute patches if clckwrks was on github. And so, I am excited for a new era of contributions. For obvious reasons, the official issue tracker is now on github as well.

Previously all of the clckwrks related libraries were in one giant darcs repo. They have now been split into separate repos on github. This means there are now separate issue trackers for each library. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

I am also pretty new to git and github. So I'd appreciate any feedback on how to better use these tools.

In other news -- whoa, it's been a long time since I blogged about clckwrks -- a year and a half since the last post! A lot has actually happened -- but coding always feels so much more productive than blogging :) But, social engagement is important too. So, I will attempt to blog more often. The next blog post will be about the modernization of the authentication library. I am looking to move clckwrks to have full I18N support, SPA (single page application) architecture, and more! The starting point for that is the authentication layer which is shaping up nicely!