clckwrks (pronounced clockworks) is a Haskell web development framework with integrated support for content management, blogging, user accounts, plugins, themes, and more. clckwrks is suitable for blogs, online publishing, web apps or whatever else you can dream up.

You can create a simple site by combining existing themes and plugins, or you can create a radically different site by writing your own code that leverages the features provided by clckwrks.

We believe that people have the right to use blog and website creation tools that truly work. We want to support sustainable programming that makes the best use of contributors' and users' time.

clckwrks is open source software licensed under the BSD3 license. Significant funding and development are contributed by SeeReeason Partners, LLC. You can browse the source code on github.

If you need assistance developing your site using clckwrks, SeeReason Partners is available for consulting. Please send your inquiry to [email protected].

The following video demonstrates the simple user experience we are already able to deliver in clckwrks 0.16. Many further improvements are planned.